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Get Arizona's BEST purified water - your own!

Rent a Shayna reverse-osmosis water system for ONLY $30.00 per month!




shayna_bulletInstallation (Apartments too!)
shayna_bulletRefrigerator hookup available
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Our customer service technician performs your installation in three (3) easy steps:

  1. Connect your Shayna unit to your cold water line.
  2. Install a drain to your sink drain pipe.
  3. Run a line from the RO water output to your chrome faucet.

Your FREE installation includes:

  • Refrigerator / Ice maker hookup if available. at time of installation) 
  • 2.3 gallon capacity purified-water tank.
  • The lowest price on the market for quality drinking water.




Your first month's rent is due at time of installation. 



Mail payments to:

 Shayna Water


To make payments easier, you can set up electronic funds transfers to Shayna Water.


For questions or comments please contact our office.





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