Our goal is to provide you with the best water and the best service at the best price.

swcoupleWe work hard to maintain clean, safe, purified water as easy as possible for our family of customers.

We provide the reverse-osmosis units - There's no need to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase your own RO equipment, then wonder if you got the best solution for your needs. Our experts have already combed through commercially available RO products to find the best, most efficient, and most effective reverse-osmosis system available for home use. We purchase units and keep them in stock. When you become a Shayna customer, you do not purchase the RO equipment, we rent it to you for a fixed monthly fee. There is nothing else to buy and no hidden charges.


We provide free installation - Installing an RO unit is not a simple task. To do it right takes training and experience. We have been installing under-sink units for over two decades, so we can do it quickly, simply and do it right the first time.

We maintain the equipment - The most common cause of RO problems is improper maintenance. Maintaining RO equipment is even more difficult than installing it. There are filters and RO membranes to replace, and replacing them has to be done right. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaged membranes leaking contaminants through to your drinking water, or particulates getting by damaged or mis-aligned filters. We keep track of when your system needs maintenance and schedule a visit at your convenience. We remove the unit you have been using and replace it with a refurbished unit that we have cleaned, replaced membranes and filters, and tested for quality.

We provide free relocation service with notice- When you move, we will come in and remove the RO system and install a refurbished system at your new location FREE OF CHARGE.

Servicing Arizona Since 1985


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