swbottleAfter your water purification unit has been installed, we recommend that you allow 2-4 hours for the storage tank to fill the first time, then you are ready to enjoy your purified water.

Your water purifier will refill the storage tank at the rate of approximately 1 quart per hour under normal conditions. This will provide you with up to 25 gallons of purified water each day. If you are in an area with low water pressure (40 to 50 psi) it will take longer to produce a full tank. Use as much as you can to keep water in the tank from becoming stale. Use the water for cooking, making tea or coffee, in your iron, watering plants and pets, and always keep several gallons on hand in your refrigerator.

Be careful not to bend or kink the RO system tubing when placing items under the sink.

Your chrome sink-mounted spigot has two operating positions. Push the handle down for intermittent flow, or push up for continuous flow.

Do not attempt to remove or reinstall the Shayna RO system yourself, or remove any system component. If you believe the unit needs servicing, call your Shayna Water service technician for help. It's free and it will be done right.

A Shayna Water purification system can not be installed on portable water supplies or on a supply with over 1,500 ppm dissolved solids.

Shayna Water purification systems can not be installed on water supplies with pressure less than 40 psi or greater than 90 psi. If you believe your water supply pressure is too low or too high, consult Shayna Water for a solution.


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