RO Units: Buy It or Rent It?

Q: How will I know if a store-bought system is installed correctly?
A: YOU WON'T! We frequently get calls from owners with problems and find units hooked up backwards, hooked up to the hot water supply (which instantly ruins the membrane), as well as many other forms of inadequate or improper installation.

Our service technicians have been trained by the manufacturers of Shayna Water RO System components and are among the most knowledgeable people in the state concerning RO technology.

Q: How do I know my store-bought system is working properly?
A: YOU DON'T! We find many owners' machines producing unpurified tap water. The water must be tested with a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter in order to determine its quality.

Many machines for sale on the market have gimmick devices (little flashing lights, automatic shutdown features, etc.) that are supposed to tell you when the unit needs service. We have tested most of these devices and have found them either inadequate or totally non-functional.

All Shayna Water RO systems are tested under working conditions before they leave our shop. WE KNOW that they are working properly before they get to your home. Furthermore, we will check your unit if you feel that it might be malfunctioning. There is never any charge for this service.

Q: What happens if the manufacturer of a my store-bought equipment goes out of business?
A: YOU ARE STUCK! We see countless examples of this. Sadly, there are still too many manufacturers of cheap RO systems whose businesses fail because they cannot produce quality equipment.

Shayna Water has been a local, family-owned business serving Arizona since 1985. We have lasted because we provide the best possible equipment at the lowest possible price, and service it conscientiously.

Q: How can I know when my store-bought unit needs service?
A: YOU DON'T! RO systems can operate properly with no maintenance for anywhere from 16 to 18 months. Just how frequently your system needs service depends on your water supply quality, how much purified water you use, and other factors. This is true no matter what the salesman from any company tells you!

At Shayna Water, we know the water conditions in various parts of the Valley and so can predict your required maintenance intervals ahead of time.

Q: How much will it cost to service my store-bought RO equipment?
A: If you can find someone to do the job, most companies charge between $125.00 and $150.00 to completely service an RO unit, and each service call -- for any reason -- will cost at least $35.00. If you service the equipment yourself, the membrane alone can run as high as $95.00. We at Shayna Water service the equipment FREE OF CHARGE no matter how many times we come out to your home. You never pay us anything but the basic rental fee.

Q: How long will a store-bought system last?
A: If you want a unit which will last more than a couple of years, it will cost between $450.00 and $1500.00. Machines that sell for $150.00 to $200.00 will fail sooner. Such machines are not built to last and, in the long run, will cost you more in replacement parts. 

With Shayna Water, you rent the equipment rather than owning it. On each maintenance call, we remove the equipment in your home and replace it with a completely refurbished system. It amounts to getting a new piece of equipment every time. Refurbishing consists of cleaning and sanitizing the equipment inside and out. We install a new membrane, filters, replace check valves, control valves, and tubing when necessary. We monitor wear and tear on the equipment so you don't have to.

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