"My family has used the services of Shayna Water for years. We've gone through three moves and equipment relocation without a hitch. What's the best part? 21st Century technology with old fashioned care and concern of a family run business that you'd expect from several generations ago."

George Smith
Phoenix, Ariz.

"I used Shayna Water in my herbal pharmacy to make medicines for over 11 years. If there is the slightest problem, it is fixed within 24 hours. I can't imagine using anything else."

Dr. Judyth Shamosh Greenfingers Herbal Medicine
Phoenix, Ariz. 

"Shayna has the best water. If anything happens, they are there right away. The company is run with honesty and integrity. Every referral I've given is another satisfied customer."

Marge Berdine
"For cost convenience, purity and taste, no other competitor compares to Shayna Water. I love it!!!"
Fran Poniatowski
Scottsdale, Ariz.

"With Shayna there is no heavy water bottle refills. For convenience, taste, quality, service and at the lowest price, Shayna is the company I'm staying with."

Pearl Reid
Peoria, Ariz.

"We have been a customer for Shayna for over 6 years and are very satisfied. It's convenient, they take care of the water and the water is crystal clear."

Shirley Brown
Mesa, Ariz.

"We've been customers for 14 years and have been very pleased with the quality of the Shayna units and customer service. Including, the gentleman that comes out to change our unit every year."

Scott and Roxanna Frische
Phoenix, Ariz.

"For the past 16 years Shayna water has done everything for me. Which means, it frees me from having to deal with changing water filters, etc. The water quality is excellent. As a matter of fact, another competitor tested Shayna's water and said there is nothing wrong with the water, the quality is great. Now, that's an honest answer!"

Chetta Deodati
Scottsdale, Ariz.

"We are completely satisfied. Great tasting. No trips to the store for water for the kids which means it's also convenient."

Bryan and Suzie Jackson
Phoenix, Ariz.


"I'm a local chiropractor that's been with Shayna for years. I use it personally for my ice maker, etc. I recommend Shayna to all of my patients who want to achieve optimum health."

Dr. JJ Levine

"I'm very satisfied with the service I receive from Shayna. I tell all of my neighbors."

Delores Crowder
Phoenix, Ariz. 

"Top notch customer service. If there are any problems it is remedied immediately with one phone call, that's why I stay with Shayna - the service is awesome! The best tasting water that RO units can get."

Carlos & Barbara DeSimone
Glendale, Ariz.

"I love and am very satisfied with my Shayna water system and service I get. For the past 10 years, I've had the best tasting water available by touching my kitchen tap. A service representative always calls to let me know when it's time for a new filter and works his schedule around mine. I highly recommend this very inexpensive Shayna System."

Judyth McClure
Center for Expanding Consciousness

"Shayna has been fabulous in providing the highest quality water purification system at the best price. I trust Shayna. They make it easy by calling me once a year for service. It's the top drinking water on the market. They are everything rolled into one, and have my highest recommendation."

Lori Eppard
Phoenix, Ariz.

"Shayna Water has been wonderful: I don't have to lug water from the grocery store. Best tasting water and the best service I've ever had."

Nann Holt


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