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swglass "Reverse osmosis (RO) is an excellent way to remove unwanted contaminants from your drinking water. Reverse osmosis treatment of your water can reduce health risks from contaminants such as lead or nitrates. It can also improve the taste and appearance of your water." -- Arizona Cooperative Extension, University of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz.

Reverse Osmosis uses household water pressure to force tap water through a special membrane (NOT a filter) where minerals and impurities of all kinds are separated and washed down the drain. The process is not new, it has been used industrially for decades. It is the ONLY process which the EPA recognizes as producing "purified" water. This is the same process used to produce all store-bought bottled water labeled "purified", and is also used on ocean going ships to produce drinking water from sea water.

Reverse osmosis (RO) water-purifying systems use the normal water pressure from your municipal water supply or well head to force inorganic ions and certain other contaminants out of your drinking water. The purified water passes through a special membrane, which passes water molecules, but holds back contaminating ions. The contaminants stay in solution on the upstream side of the membrane, where they are ejected through a drain.

The Shayna Water RO unit also incorporates filter elements to remove any contaminants and pollutants that can't be removed by the RO membrane, such as organic molecules and particulates. Some materials, such as particulates, are removed by a prefilter ahead of the RO membrane, because they would shorten the membrane's lifetime. An activated charcoal postfilter removes gases and organic chemicals (such as pesticides) that pass through the prefilter and RO membrane.

The purified water stream then collects in a storage tank, ready for you to use for drinking or cooking. The low cost of RO purified water and large tank capacity makes using purified water for cooking even in large stew pots easy and inexpensive.

NOTE: Since you rent your Shayna Water Purification System at a flat monthly fee, the more water you use, the less it costs per gallon. You're paying for use of the equipment, not for the water itself.

For more about reverse osmosis, go to "Water Facts: Number 6 Reverse Osmosis Units"  from the University  of Arizona's Cooperative Extension website.

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