Rent a Reverse Osmosis System!



        Shayna water provides you with ultra-clean, good-tasting water for drinking and cooking derived by reverse osmosis from your existing water supply. Reverse osmosis is the most effective technology for removing the noxious mineral contaminants so often found in Arizona water supplies. Whether you get your water from a municipal water supply or a natural well, most water in Arizona is tainted by alkali, arsenic, or other inorganic contaminants.

        According to the University of Arizona College of Agriculture:


        "Reverse osmosis (RO) is an excellent way to remove certain unwanted contaminants from your drinking water. Reverse osmosis treatment of your water can reduce health risks from contaminants such as lead or nitrates. It also can improve the taste and appearance of your water."

        "Water Facts: Number 6 Reverse Osmosis Units," The University of Arizona, Publication Number 194019.


        Now you can have the benefit of reverse osmosis technology with:

        • No high up-front cost to buy equipment
        • No complicated installation
        • No bottles or jugs to carry
        • No contracts to sign

        For only $30.00 per month Shayna water will provide:

        • Free installation
        • Free relocation if you move
        • Free filter replacement
        • Free refrigerator hook up 
        • Discounts available for businesses 


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